4 points to get you thinking about private healthcare

4 points to get you thinking about private healthcare

The benefits of an easy, tailored healthcare policy arranged through our partnership with the experts at AXA PPP healthcare can be very plain to see when in place, whether it’s for you, your family or your employees. Here are just four reasons you might want to think about a private healthcare policy as highlighted by C&M:

1. Faster

From prompt diagnosis and appointment slots to suit your schedule, through to access to high quality clinical services and treatments, an AXA PPP healthcare policy aims to give you the medical support you need, when you need it. If your GP recommends you see a specialist, your healthcare policy will be able to get you to the right specialist, one that’s closest to you, as quickly as possible through AXA PPP healthcare’s Fast Track Appointment service.

2. Stress-free

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but a second one can make all the difference in alleviating any of your health concerns. An AXA PPP healthcare policy arranged through C&M, will give you access to over 17,000 specialists in 250 hospitals around the country, so an expert is never far away from your work or home. What’s more you won’t be paying for that added confidence a second opinion can give you. If you’re not entirely happy with your first consultation, AXA PPP healthcare’s Second Opinion Service offers you another consultation with a different specialist which will not effect your claim. Unrestricted visiting hours, free parking, and frequently available en suite private rooms give private healthcare users the sort of comfort that can be pivotal to a faster recovery, and help them feel more at ease during a treatment process.

3. 24 hour

With AXA PPP healthcare’s Health at Hand service, experienced teams of healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, pharmacists, midwives and counsellors are only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, even if you’re in another country. There is no time-limit on your health concern – you’re allowed as much time as you need to talk through any worries you have to the understanding and attentive professionals on the other end of the line.

4. Market leading

On asking their members which conditions concern them the most, the response to AXA PPP healthcare was loud and clear – heart disease and cancer. Fortunately, the very latest proven treatment in drugs, agreed clinical trials, support and care are available to policy holders through an additional enhanced level of cover. This low cost policy add-on also helps members and their family through more trying times with a dedicated Cancer Nurse helpline that aims to reassure with guidance and one-to-one clinical support.

Four plus points in one step

To discuss these points in more detail, or to learn more about the benefits of private healthcare insurance to you or your business, call 01708764000 or email mail@cm-insurance.co.uk and take the first important step in safeguarding your own, or your employees’ wellbeing.