Health can be managed for the greater good of your business

For the price on one of your employee’s daily trip to the coffee shop, they could be cared for under a healthcare policy that’s been created for them and the work they do.

If they have an illness that requires medical attention and consultation, rather than just rest, they don’t need to wait for a suitable slot at the doctors to come along, and they can even be assessed in the workplace to prevent ailments in the first place. In the long term, it can do much more good than that daily skinny late and muffin.

C&M are here to explain how, through the provision of an AXA PPP healthcare policy, but first, we’re going to look at a couple of the more common business ailments, and how they affect thousands of businesses daily:


The absence of an alternative

Heavy workloads, fears for job security, and guilt are just three reasons that two out of three people still clock in when they’re unwell.

If you’re an SME, the absence of one team member can make a noticeable difference on productivity, a fact that’s probably not lost on the majority of staff who try and work through headaches, anxiety, stomach bugs and colds.

This attempt to overcome one problem then creates two in its wake – a drop in productivity, and the risk of prolonging an illness further.

The alternative of staying off work and visiting a GP doesn’t offer much of a better solution. 64% of business owners and decision makers agreeing that their employees have to wait too long to see their GP, and 76% finding that there are not enough out of hours appointments.


With AXA PPP healthcare, you’re appointment is waiting for you

No hanging around for an appointment to come up, or trying to work around one during working hours. Your employees can be seen to when they need to be, with some levels of cover offering prompt referrals to any specialists they may need.

And along with anytime advice from nurses, councillors and clinicians, a private healthcare policy gives your employees all the help they need in getting back to work as soon as possible, something that would be as good for them as it is for your business.


Are you sitting comfortably? The impact of back pain 

Back pain is a growing problem and UK businesses are suffering in productivity levels and overall morale as a result of their employee’s discomfort. So much so that 61% of SMEs have noticed an increase, and 20% have seen lost revenue due to back problem absence.

The cost of advice around preventative measures and trips to the physiotherapists can be high for just one employee, and may become unfeasible for the whole workforce if you’re a small or medium sized business owner.


AXA’s Working Body can come to you 

With back pain so commonplace, prevention is surely better than cure. Working Body is a scheme from AXA’s PPP healthcare where a physiotherapist will come to your place of work to give expert advice on muscle, bone and joint issues, and how to improve them with wearable technology to improve posture and training for employees.


How does all this fit with an AXA PPP healthcare’s policy?

In short, however you want it to. Starting with the core basics of a healthcare package you can build in options including diagnosis & treatment, cancer cover, and mental health, with further extras for travel, optical and dental.


How does an AXA PPP healthcare policy fit your budget?

Healthcare is too valuable a benefit to pass up on, and so AXA have made the costs as manageable as possible, allowing for a more comfortable fit with your budget:

Use an excess – choose between £100, £200, £500 to bring down the cost of your premium

Six week option – If an NHS treatment is available within 6 weeks of when it needs to be, then policyholders can choose to access this instead of private treatment

Annual premium – Knock 5% off the price of your premium by paying annually

Two year fix – This tells you exactly what premium you’ll pay for each employee for the next two years


Still considering? Take a break. 

From your work that is. One of the best way you can help productivity, boost morale and curb absenteeism as an employer is to ensure that your employees are taking full lunch breaks, and leaving on time when they day is over to stem “overtime culture.”

If you want to protect them and their health further, we’re ready to hear from you at C&M Insurance. Call 01708 764 000 or email