Healthcare plans as they should be – simple, affordable and tailored

Smaller businesses will know what sort of healthcare cover is going to be relevant to them, and they can build this plan for themselves and their employees, starting with the basics that a core plan from AXA PPP offers.

With guidance from our C&M advisers, who can work with you on your healthcare preferences but also highlight healthcare implications you might not have considered such as the age of your workforce, your health cover can compliment your business, while the premium works to your budget.

Cash plans 

A good starting point for your employees to feel the benefit of private healthcare is a cash plan, which offers reimbursements for dental check-ups and physiotherapy appointments to emergency treatments for a broken tooth or strained back.

These plans can be standalone, or as an additional to a healthcare package, but either way will help your staff manage the costs of their everyday health.

Healthcare packages 

With so much included even in the Business Health Select plan, AXA PPP’s basic package, you could already be saving against the cost of staff absence, either through prolonged illness or through appointments during working hours – both of which could be avoided with timely treatment and appointments that work to your timings.

A core plan begins with out-patient cover, from which you can build in add-ons that you think are going to be beneficial to your staff.

Cancer cover and therapies are two such extras which could feature in your package.

Choose how to pay

The health of your business and how you pay for this, is in your hands. To control your premium, you can increase your chosen excess amount from £100 up to £500, and if you decide to pay your subscription annually you will see another saving of 5% on your premium.

If your only concern with using the NHS is the potential waits, then AXA PPP’s six week option allows you to access private medical healthcare if the pending treatment is more than six weeks away. Selecting this option for each of your employees could further save you up to 20% on your annual premium.

Explore the possibilities of private healthcare for your business, whatever its size, by speaking to our advisers at C&M.