Keeping your business in tip top condition

Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy and employees form the backbone of those businesses. As such, the health of your employees is critical as a healthy, happy team will enable you to get most out of your staff, enabling you to hold on to valuable employees and attract promising new ones.

Providing your employees with a healthcare package is a great way to keep your business fighting fit and AXA PPP healthcare are able to provide tailored healthcare plans designed with SMEs in mind and built to suit your team and your budget.

How Does It Work? 

AXA PPP Healthcare  enable you to tailor your plan to suit your business so you can choose exactly what covers you want to include and exclude. For example, you might decide that you want to cover diagnosis, general treatment and mental health but not physiotherapy and dentistry. The choice is yours.

No matter what you choose, you’ll get the following core elements included in your plan:

• Private hospital or day-patient unit charges and specialist fees whether you stay overnight (in-patient), or are in and out in a day (day-patient)

• Scans for diagnosis as an in-patient when referred by a specialist

• In-patient and day-patient diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and blood tests that a specialist refers you for

• Out-patient surgery

• Out-patient MRI, CT and PET scans on specialist referral

• Ambulance transport to transfer you to another medical facility if you are receiving private treatment

• Cash payment if you have out-patient or day-patient chemotherapy or radiotherapy free on the NHS, £50 a day up to £2,000 a year

• Out-patient chemotherapy and radiotherapy for active cancer treatment

• Access to Health at Hand, our 24/7 health information phone service staffed by medical teams, including nurses and counsellors

• Discounted access to gym and health clubs nationwide through AXA Fitness Works.

What Do You Get?

AXA PPP Healthcare go the extra mile with their SME Healthcare Plans by offer you and your team a number of great benefits. These include services like Fast Track Appointments that enable your staff to get back to work quickly, expert help services dedicated to small businesses and the security that comes with insuring through one of the world’s largest insurers.

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