Look at the bigger Motor Insurance picture with Fleet Insurance

Sometimes one vehicle isn’t enough to meet the demands of one family or a business, and each of these vehicles needs to be insured if it’s to be of any use. But the convenience of having extra transport can be counteracted by the extra time and money taken to arrange cover for each vehicle individually.

A family or business fleet insurance policy can give you back your precious time and potentially save you money, by covering all the vehicles you need to insure under the same policy with C&M.


Family Fleet and Business Fleet – what’s the difference?

 From a convenience perspective, nothing. Both give you the opportunity to insure multiple vehicles under the same policy, with one renewal date and one premium. And because there is no “standard” in terms of vehicle types and numbers, these policies can be customised for protection that fits your vehicles.

This convenience also brings additional features that could otherwise come with a higher price tag if it were to be included on a standard motor insurance policy.


Family fleet

 This allows you to insure all vehicles at your address within a single policy. If they’re already individually insured with the same insurer, they can be brought together under one policy with a common renewal date, and can even be tailored to coincide with your home insurance renewal.

  • Replacement vehicle of similar specification
  • Approved garage or one of your choice
  • Emergency expenses for travel, overnight accommodation and meals if your car is out of use
  • The option to keep personalised number plates if your car is written off
  • Breakdown cover for anytime time of day or night, any day of the year, anywhere in the UK / EU
  • Insurance for driving abroad


Motor Fleet

 A Motor Fleet Insurance policy arranged by C&M can cover motorcycles, vans, cars and HGVs all under the same policy, with a package to meet your company’s requirements and budget.

  • Single policy for both domestic and commercial fleet
  • ‘Any driver insurance’ including those with licence restrictions
  • 24 hour claims management service
  • Free like for like vehicles in the event of a non fault accident
  • Legal expenses
  • Risk management service


At C&M, we have access to reputable insurers who offer flexible effective policies. So before ploughing through quotes online for each one of your vehicles, speak to C&M to see how much time, effort and even money you could save. Call 01708 764 000 or email mail@cm-insurance.co.uk.