Support for the working bodies of your business

Musculoskeletal conditions are responsible for more long periods of work absence than any other health complaints.

Seeing a GP and waiting for a referral can take time, and appointments are rarely available at convenient times. Meanwhile, you employee’s back, neck or muscle problems are not getting any better, and possibly having a noticeable and negative impact on their daily working life.

Working Body – support for your staff

Working Body is an optional extra as part of AXA’s PPP healthcare package, where a physiotherapist can offer advice over the phone to your staff, who may otherwise need to arrange an appointment with the GP and work around whichever slot is given to them. This expert advice on muscle, bone and joint issues, can be followed up with tips on how to improve them with wearable technology and posture training, or treatment where needed at a time that’s suitable.

With AXA PPP Healthcare, you can include Working Body which will allow your employees to:

• Speak directly to an expert physiotherapist. By getting advice straight away you can start  treatment immediately, thereby saving time it would otherwise take being referred by a GP.

• Have phone consultations and book appointments without having to leave their desk.

• Attend appointments at a time and place that is convenient for them.

• Receive follow up support that is going to allow them to recover more quickly, and return to work  sooner.

No GP, shorter waiting 

All the benefits of this AXA’s PPP Healthcare with additional therapies service, of which Working Body is one, can be implemented without the need to see a GP first. The experts on the phone will be able to provide clinical advice on exercises and pain-easing techniques that will help your employees manage their own musculoskeletal health. This includes tips and hints to help avoid future issues from reoccurring.

Convenient, appropriate treatment 

If a course of physiotherapy is recommended, then arrangements can be made for your employee to see someone who is close by to work or home, and if the conditions require a visit to a specialist, this can also be arranged.

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