Take control of your risk management with AXA’s Riskhelp tool

The most effective insurance protection comes through a thorough understanding of risks that are not only relevant to your industry, but to your business specifically.

C&M look at what Riskhelp offers commercial clients and why it could make all the difference in future claims:


Riskhelp is free if you currently have a policy through AXA, or are thinking of taking out insurance through them in the future.


A simple online registration process makes it quick and easy to get started. Once you’ve registered, you will be given a risk library which corresponds with your trade for your information.

Through Riskhelp you can access easy to understand information in small sections, as well as useful links to HSE guidance.


It gives you control over your own risk management, with practical guidance, resources and tools to help you better understand your legal and civil liabilities.

A quick questionnaire will place your risk profile among risk factors that are common for your industry.


While many online health and safety guides focus on legal compliance alone, Riskhelp also covers crucial areas of information around liability in a format that offers clear guidance for businesses. This raises awareness around defending Employers and Public Liability claims.


Your data is confidential and won’t be passed onto us or AXA, so you can be completely open about any risk factors within your business for a more accurate measurement of your risk profile.


If you have any queries around your risk management, our advisers at C&M would like to hear from you. Alternatively visit our Risk Management page to find out more about creating a risk management strategy for your business.