They know when you are sleeping

Christmas is a welcome distraction not just for the millions who celebrate it around the country, but for those who use it as a prime opportunity to make money fast.

Domestic burglary frequently peaks at Christmas time, as people leave their homes unoccupied while visiting relatives for days or weeks at a time. Even those who don’t leave their home empty for longer periods may still be out of their home more than usual with a busy social calendar and frequent shopping trips.

How are you advertising your home? 

On show: By leaving your gate and curtains open and presents on show, you are telling any passing opportunist thieves that you are not very security conscious.

Beware of the pets: A “beware of the dog” sign might seem like a deterrent, but tells thieves that you are unlikely to have a burglary alarm that could be set off by pets.

A lit sign: The first stop for any small expensive items that can be easily taken such as gadget and jewellery is going to be under the Christmas tree. This tradition makes a quick ransack all too easy for thieves.

Take your home off the market to thieves

· Make it look as though you’re in, even when you’re not. This means leaving a light on and closing the curtains.

· You could ask a trusted neighbour to park on your driveway and collect your post.

· Any deliveries you get, such as milk and newspapers, should be postponed until you get back.

Your insurance

Many home insurance policies will give you the option of increasing your content sum limit around Christmas time when you’re likely to have expensive gifts under your roof, and some may even do this automatically.

Speak to C&M Insurance if you have any concerns and would like to increase your protection over the Christmas period.